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Welcome to the CDP Free Downloads Page

CDP Release 7.1.0 Download

After nearly 27 years of development, CDP is offering the CDP-Wishart sound transformation and editing functions as a free download.

We welcome all new users of our software and thank all those who have supported CDP in the past.

This is our full Release 7.1 package (with 38 new programs), for MAC and Windows, including the Sound Loom GUI.(MAC & PC), and all the Reference Documentation.

Update 7.1
25 July 2016

These are updates to all CDP soundfile programs (apart from the Windows GUI ones), with the all-important modification to sfsys to make the environment variable CDP_SOUND_EXT optional, defaulting to wav. It also restores proper behaviour preserving sample type (24bit, floats etc) and use of the -f prefix for output files, which had somehow got lost in the previous release.
The change to the environment variable essentially means programs can now be used directly without an installation/configuration step. Just copy all executables to the existing _cdprogs folder.


For Windows

For Mac


Please download separately the Soundshaper GUI (PC).

Please download the respective Installation Notes first and revise the recommended procedure.

Note that the MAC distribution has separate downloads for the Software, the Documentation, and Sound Loom.

The source code for the CDP-Wishart libraries can also be downloaded. Note that this is being distributed under an LGPL licence. This is 'pure' source code and is not in the form of binary libraries. The latter is a goal for further development so that CDP functionality can be more easily incorporated into 3rd party applications. It is a very big task for which we will need both funding and time.

We are keen to promote development within the CDP community of users, but any commercial use needs to be licensed by CDP Ltd.

Note that the 2 CDP Tutorial Workshops are also now a free download. For these, please see the Workshops tab on the CDP Website.

Linux Sources (beta, 64bit compatible) are now available here.