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Welcome to the CDP Free Downloads Page

December 2022

This is a new downloads page for CDP on PC, MAC and Linux. The Downloads panel on the Right now links to the latest versions for the CDP System software, documentation and Updates. The order in which components are installed is important, and the Installation Notes will ensure that this order is followed. The MAC software is compiled for Catalina and later but is compatible with earlier OS X versions.

New users should download the Installation Notes zip first and familiarise themselves with the installation procedure. The Notes for both PC and MAC are included, including a 'Check_Installation' document which lays out the contents of the whole CDP System. It also includes 'Manualconfig.pdf' which is for MAC users.

The CDP sound transformation software has recently been re-compiled for PC to include 7.1 and 7.11 revisions, as well as beta-test versions of new CDP8 processes.. Current CDP PC users are advised to download and install the latest set of programs (see Software PC link). CDP users are also advised to download the CDP Documentation, which has many changes, and replace their existing files.

Soundshaper has also changed, so installing the Soundshaper Upgrade is recommended. The updated Soundshaper Manual will already be in the main Documentation download. This download links directly to Robert Fraser's Website to ensure that you get the latest version. The CDP online documentation is also hosted on his website ( and can be accessed directly from within Soundshaper.

The Documentation package is the same download for PC and MAC, as only a few items are redundant for PC users.

Please note that with the 7.1 version, setting the environment variable CDP_SOUND_EXT is optional; soundfiles default to wav on all systems. Executables just need to be copied to the _cdprogs folder. For new users, this will happen automatically when unpacking the software zip files.

Source code is distributed under an LGPL licence. It is 'pure' source code, not binary libraries which could easily be incorporated into 3rd party applications. The latter is a goal for which we need a team of programmers and ideally some funding. CDP source for all platforms is available via github.


There are two new items available for CDP users.

- CDP Guide -by Robert Fraser.
Lists almost all the CDP programs (as named in the Soundshaper menus), providing a brief but insightful description of each one. This concise Guide gives a great overview of the sound transformation options and can be a significant aid both in understanding the scope of the CDP System and in finding appropriate functions when composing. THIS GUIDE IS PART OF THE DOCUMENTATION DOWNLOAD - See docs/guide after unpacking.

- A Learning Manual for CDP - by Archer Endrich.
This is a detailed and practical introduction to the CDP software, with many sound examples. Presented in 33 separate documents that focus on specific topics, the Learning Manual covers most, but by means all, of the CDP sound transformation processes from the point of view of composition objectives. The Learning Manual includes hints and tips about a number of tricky issues based on Archer's many years of using the software.

Workshops.html (it is about 440 Mb).